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VIDEO. In Brazil, endangered turtles are born by the thousands – Insurance for Pets


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Baby turtles as far as the eye can see … Here is the massive outbreak of an endangered species. It was filmed in November 2020, along a tributary of the Amazon River. That day, 71,000 freshwater turtles hatched, followed by another 21,000 a few days later. In addition to natural predators, this species is also hunted by humans. However, it has an important role in the ecosystem: it helps regenerate vegetation by dispersing the seeds of the fruits on which it feeds.

A closely watched event

This event was closely followed by the Wildlife Conservation Society. « It is very important to continue monitoring and to improve protection and management methods to promote the conservation of the species.« , explains Camila Ferrara, ecologist in aquatic fauna. Being able to measure more than one meter and to weigh 90 kg in the adulthood, the Podocnemid enlarged is the largest freshwater turtle of Latin America.