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The Wolf comes to Hollands Kroon, KNNV gives a lecture about the Wolf in the Netherlands – Insurance for Pets

HORN – Since 2015, Wolves are back in the Netherlands. And although there are few, their numbers are steadily increasing. Not only have youngsters been born in the Veluwe in the past two years, the number of territories of Wolves still partnerless is also increasing. Currently there are four. Also just across the border in Belgium, young Wolfjes were born at Leopoldsburg and near Drenthe there are 4 Wolf Territories just across the border with Wolf pairs and packs. And this is just the beginning.

Leo Linnartz, wolf expert and co-author of the book “De Wolf back”, shows you where these Wolves come from and why they come to the Netherlands and Belgium to settle here. Myths and fairytales are unmasked and in addition to the ecology of the Wolf, recognition of Wolves and their tracks is also discussed.

Finally, the speaker will take you on a tour of what the arrival of the Wolf means for you as a future neighbor. Are Wolves Dangerous, Should I Protect My Pets and How? Questions that will be answered in this interactive lecture. Yes, interactive, because the speaker likes to talk to you and also likes to hear your stories, experiences and concerns.

This lecture can only be taken with the help of Zoom. The link to follow the lecture is:

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