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The municipality of Utrecht is doing this to ensure that the turn of the year is on the right track – Insurance for Pets

The municipality of Utrecht and various other organizations have come up with a whole package of measures to keep this New Year on the right track. In addition to extra efforts by the police and fire brigade, a lot is done for young people.

The municipality says that young people are suffering many consequences from the corona crisis. « That is why we feel the need to pay extra attention to the young people. » The Youth Work Utrecht Foundation (JoU) is doing more this year than in previous year changes.

An example of this is a video made by and for young people to inform this group about the fireworks ban and to encourage them not to cause nuisance or vandalism.

New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, volunteers walk the streets in various neighborhoods to address young people and thus try to keep the peace. “On this day there are also sports activities outside in almost all neighborhoods. For example, this year there are more football tournaments in different neighborhoods than in previous years. ”

The youth workers work in pairs during the turn of the year for their own safety. They prefer to work in their own neighborhood. « If a neighborhood needs more effort in the evening itself, the capacity is supplemented from the urban flexible pool and from neighborhoods where it is quieter. »

In addition, a number of young people who were involved in the disturbances
in August of this year received an area ban for the upcoming turn of the year.

Defense will also take action again in Utrecht this year. With the help of a drone, the police and the municipality are assisted in exploring possible disturbances in the city.


Finally, the municipality says that all partners from the police, welfare, care and safety are fully committed to this New Year. « We hope that we can jointly organize a turn of the year for and with young people in Utrecht, which may be different than usual, but is going well within the current corona rules. »