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Aleph Farms from Israel wants to produce alien meat (video) – Insurance for Pets

Aleph Farms’ rendition of its future BioFarm units. Photo Aleph Farms

If it is up to Israeli start-up Aleph Farms, which unveiled the world’s first slaughter-free steak grown from animal cells in late 2018, meat production will begin to take place in space.

The Israeli company has already experimented with meat production in space, producing slaughter-free steak on the International Space Station last year. The initiative was an attempt to demonstrate that sustainable food security on Earth and beyond can be provided by producing meat regardless of the availability of land and local water resources.

With the announcement of a new program called Aleph Zero, Aelph Farms aims to improve food security by producing fresh, quality meat everywhere, independent of climate change and natural resources. The company wants to introduce new possibilities for producing fresh, quality meat, even in the harshest, most remote environments, such as outer space. If successful, the program could lead to alien food production, one of the main obstacles to long-term space missions.

The startup told NoCamels that it is developing strategic partnerships with technology companies and space agencies for long-term research and development collaborative agreements « that will ensure the integration of Aleph Farms’ innovations into leading space programs. »

Such programs will leverage the company’s deep-rooted know-how in cell biology, tissue engineering, and nutritional science to establish BioFarms in alien environments, enabling the company to apply what it has learned in space.

“The restrictions imposed by deep-spaceexploration is forcing us to hone the efficiency of our meat production process to much higher sustainability standards, ”explains Aleph Farms co-founder and CEO Dr. Didier Toubia explains.

“The ‘Aleph Zero’ program reflects our mission to produce delicious quality meat locally regardless of where people live and consume, even in the most remote places on Earth such as the Sahara or Antarctica, so that everyone has unconditional access to quality food, anytime, anywhere, Added Toubia.

Toubia noted that the program’s name, « Aleph Zero, » represents the mathematical symbol of the smallest infinite number and thus the company’s vision of producing meat with almost no natural resources.

The company hopes to build its first BioFarm next year.

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