mercredi 27 août 2014

The Global Animal Law Consortium is born !

Great news for all animal lawyers worldwide: the Global Animal Law Consortium is born.
It was an idea of Prof.David Favre ( Michigan State University) presented at the Global Animal Law Conference held in Barcelona on 10-11 July 2014.All Speakers and Chairs of the Conference are automatically invited to join the GALC.
As one of the Chairs of the Barcelona conference I am honored to be member of the GALC.
Other French lawyers currently members of the GALC: Prof. JP Margunénaud and Prof.O.Le Bot

The purpose of the GALC is to create a permanent contact between members , a platform for the exchange of ideas and papers on animal law as well as to set up the next Global Animal Law Conference in 4 years.

Steering Committee:

Professor David Favre
Professor Marita Giménez-Candela
Assistant Dean Pamela Frasch

Membership shall be open to those individuals with advanced degrees in law (JD or PhD, etc.) and/or those possessing law student status or those who have a license to practice law and four years’ experience within their jurisdiction. While the primary focus is on those with academic positions, others who have expressed an interest in the understanding and development of legal theory on behalf of animals are also welcome.  

May also become a member of the GALC , an individual who is an attorney as set out in the category above and has published a book or law journal article on animal law – acceptable to the Steering Committee under a standard of academic excellence.
The GALC has a facebook page at:

lundi 25 août 2014

France: Colloques et congrès de droit équin / Alençon et Saumur

Deux événements à ne pas manquer si vous êtes passionnés de cheval et de droit :

1) Le colloque "Cheval et Droit" organisé par la faculté de droit de Caen et qui se tiendra le 26 septembre prochain à Alençon. Vous trouverez toutes les informations sur le site dédié au colloque :

2) Le 20ème congrès de l'institut de droit équin qui se déroulera à l'école nationale d'équitation de Saumur sur le thème : "Accidents d'équitation, responsabilité et préjudices ".

Argentina,Buenos Aires: International conference on Animal Law / 8th September

An International conference on Animal Law will be held on 8th September in Buenos Aires.
This conference is organized by the Collegio de Abogados de San Isidro.
For more information:
Facebook: AfadaOng

USA,Oregon: the word"victim"does not only mean Human beings but also animals the court says.

The Supreme Court of Oregon in two rulings says that animals can be victims like human beings.

"In State v. Arnold Nix, the supreme court ruled that a Umatilla County man who was convicted of starving 20 horses and goats on his property could be sentenced -- not just on one count of second-degree animal neglect -- but on 20 different counts, meaning each animal counted as a separate victim."
This could result in longer jail or prison sentences for people convicted of animal abuse.
Once again Oregon shows the path and confirms its rank among the top US states for animal cruelty laws.
For more information read the article published by Oregonlive as well as the ruling of the Supreme Court in State v.Arnold Nix.

dimanche 24 août 2014

INDIA:Mumbai police find evidence of alleged horseracing doping conspiracy

USA / L'US Copyright Office a tranché :le selfie d'un singe n'est pas protégé par le droit d'auteur

Tout le monde a entendu parler du singe qui avait en 2011 volé l'appareil d'un photographe D.Slater et qui avait réalisé un "selfie" utilisé par la suite par une femelle macaque.
Le selfie était remarquable et très drôle.
Wikipédia l'avait utilisé ce qui avait été contesté par le photographe dont l'appareil avait été volé.
L’US Copyright Office vient de trancher : il estime qu’une photo prise par un singe n’est pas protégeable au titre du copyright. Débat donc clos.Wikipédia a donc gagné son litige contre le photographe.Le selfie est dans le domaine public.

vendredi 22 août 2014

Nestlé imposes animal welfare standards to thousands of suppliers

That's a big move coming from one of the major players in the food industry !
Nestlé this Swiss giant corporation has announced that it will impose animal welfare standards to
 its 7300 suppliers worldwide .
Some of the most criticized methods will be banned.
Audits will be carried out by Nestlé on the Suppliers'premises,some of them without prior notice .
How can this sudden move be explained ?
Well, big corporations like Nestlé fear the consequences of suppliers' bad conduct towards animals which may  harm its reputations.Nestlé is also aware of "the rise of ethically minded institutional investors and the need to promote social and environmental stability among suppliers in far-flung corners of the globe."
And now comes something extremely important and which is new: the great power of the citizens 
through social medias! 
As mentioned in the article of the LA Times,"In addition, the Internet and social media have made 
it easier to disseminate information about company practices worldwide and form grass-roots 
campaigns change ".